Antespam Email Security

Ironic Design knows the importance of email for both personal and business use, and we have been working to make email safer and more secure since 2002!

Antespam is our all-in-one email security solution for both personal and business email. We offer our services a-la-cart, so you can pick only the features that you need, and not spend money on those that you don’t.

Antespam offers:

  • Email Security Training – Phishing emails are on the rise. Teach your employees how to avoid them by having us send these convincing-but-harmless emails (based on actual phishing emails) to show them what to look for. Dangerous clicks result in a “teaching minute”, and Antespam tracks these and can provide the employee or administration with a weekly report card for each employee.
  • Inbound spam filtering – protect your inboxes and your mail server and save time by avoiding spam altogether.
  • Outbound spam filtering – protect your clients, friends and family – as well as your reputation – by having us check your outbound email for any spam or viruses.
  • Email Backup – we can hold on to your email for up to 93 days. Accidentally delete an email, or just need some peace of mind? We can help!
  • Email Hosting – We can provide all your email services. This includes both Inbound and Outbound spam filtering, as well as 7 days of email backups for each address.
  • Emergency Email Service – Have your own email server, but want to be prepared in case the worst happens? Antespam can be on standby to handle your email at the click of a checkbox. We can provide unlimited storage and webmail access (if your building lost power for days or weeks, for example).

You can find out more about our Antespam email security and hosting service on